Provided to you by, How does it Sound is a side project we started during the 2010 year. Its goal was to answer to the most frequently asked question from the members of our websites : What does sound really better between that guitar and this one ? What is the best sounding amp for me ? Etc.

So, you get it : the purpose of this website is to allow musicians and audio fanatics to hear and compare audio gears and musical instruments.

To achieve that, our team has recorded various instruments and gears in a recording studio with professional equipment to obtain the cleanest sound as possible.


2 Responses to About this website

  1. emmanuel lidakis says:

    This is THE BEST EVER! You people must really care. Now I don’t have to just wonder about how an instrument sounds if reading the history books or have to go to stores to make noise. A thousand thanks to you. I am very grateful for your efforts and saving me time and money on car fuel.

  2. Jane says:

    Just wanted to say that you also need to add the terms “WHAT DOES …..SOUND LIKE ? ” to your website and videos as this is the term i think many people use too. I did heaps of searches on what does a fender / gibson etc sound like and never found your site.
    Only after doing a search of “clean fender” “clean gibson” did i find your site.

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